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Consulting by Jaime Schrabeck

Precision Nails reflects the commitment of its owner, Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. For more than 20 years, she has balanced her work as a licensed manicurist with the responsibilities of owning an exclusive nails-only salon. Utilizing her resourcefulness, strong technical skills and practical approach to business, she has redefined nail care with innovations in safety, quality and professionalism. Beyond the salon, Jaime promotes the nail profession by writing savvy articles, consulting with leading manufacturers, directing and judging international competitions, training other salon owners and manicurists and advising California's Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. She also travels regularly to the country's largest beauty shows to teach unique classes, such as Waterless Spa Pedicures and Clients Behaving Badly.

Upcoming Events & Classes


IBS Las Vegas
June 21-23, 2014
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas , NV








Massage for Manicurists


June 21

12:00 pm


1:30 pm

Room S226

Waterless Spa Manicures and Pedicures


June 22

2:30 pm


4:00 pm

Room S226

Waterless Spa Manicures and Pedicures


June 23

11:00 am


12:30 pm

Room S226


Clients Behaving Badly:
Stop bad behavior and get quality clients
Monday August 11 1:00 pm EDT to 2:00 pm EDT REGISTER NOW!

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June 2014
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Haven't we all been advised to work ON our business, and not IN our business? Like most platitudes, it's not very useful unless substantiated with valid examples. Even experienced professionals could use guidance when making important decisions; we need more relevant information, not mindless blather...
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Salon Consulting

When consulting with salon owners, Jaime offers her expertise and guidance to:

  • Design a functional, beautiful and sustainable salon environment;
  • Source cost-effective equipment and products, including retail;
  • Manage your salon with the most advanced software;
  • Provide unique services that emphasize quality and cleanliness;
  • Develop salon policies that attract and retain a loyal clientele;
  • Market your salon as the best value for consumers;
  • and Schedule appointments to maximize income potential.

Phone/Email Consultation: $150/hour or $500/4 hours. On-site Consultation: fees vary. Consulting Fees must be prepaid; major credit cards accepted.

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Technical Training

Waterless Spa Manicures and Pedicures: $1500

Spend the day in my exclusive nails-only salon learning how to provide these innovative, safe and time-saving services. This 6-hour hands-on training will change your entire perception of natural nail services so invest before you design your salon, create your service menu or purchase any equipment. Price covers training for two; $150 for each additional person. Additional charges apply for on-site training.

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Gel Enhancements: $1500

Give your clients what they really want . . . enhancements that look so incredibly real they deserve to be worn without polish. Learn how to produce strong, beautiful enhancements with fewer products, avoid lifting and breakage with proper preparation and reduce your time and filing by half, no drills necessary. This 6-hour hands-on training includes both sheer and French-style applications. Price covers training for two; $150 for each additional person. Additional charges apply for on-site training.

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For more information about her consulting services, please e-mail Jaime at

Jaime's Education

Doctor of Philosophy, Education
University of California at Davis, 1996

Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential
California State University at Fresno, 1991

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature with a History Minor
University of California at Davis, 1989


"I am so grateful to you for sharing this service and products with us. We love it and our clients are enjoying it as well."
Kira F.

"I really appreciate that you shared your expertise in such a clear, concise way."
Sharon T.

"You have been a great inspiration to me and I am very thankful that I found you and your standard of excellence for the nail industry."
Cyndi K.

"Always on topic, wealth of information, organized and very professional - love that about you."
Jan O.

"You are a true inspiration!  I left each one of your lectures in Orlando with such a positive feeling."
Donna H.

"Your seminar was fantastic and the competition critiquing was priceless."
Nicole H.

"I thought you were a Bitch! But now I love you! I loved your classes and thanks again for all your help."
Danielle U.

"All the info in all your classes is so relevant. No one else was giving such good solid practical advice and direction!"
Catherine A.

"Thank you for the class on waterless pedicures. It has inspired me just in time for pedicure season. You were VERY professional and had a lot of valuable information. Thanks again for sharing."
Donna B.

"I found your class to be extremely informative, especially since I am still a student and do not have a position as of yet. I've clicked through your website as well, and love that you post so many articles on different yet important subjects for seasoned professionals as well as us newbies! Thanks so much for all the information you are willing to share."
Betsy T.

"I so enjoyed seeing you at the Nail Tech Networking Event. I took your Waterless Pedicure class last year at the Premiere Birmingham while I was still attending Nail Tech School. When I shared with my instructor that I wanted to do only waterless pedicures I was told I would not have a good business and would be alienating so many potential clients. I graduated December 2010 and got my license and have only done waterless pedicures, I have a good clientele and they love not having to soak in an unsanitary tub.  I want to thank you for everything and for giving me a sanitary and relaxing way to pamper my clients."
Elizabeth O.

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